Usage Evidence Gathering Strategies

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Usage Evidence Gathering Strategies

To make a winning dispute response merchants must provide evidence that disproves the cardholder’s claim. The evidence that merchants must provide is laid out by the card networks. To make the most compelling response documents it is recommended that merchants follow the card networks guidelines as close as possible. One piece of compelling evidence that the card networks ask merchants to provide in their responses is usage evidence. We will go over some strategies on how … Read More

Using Delivery Confirmation as Compelling Evidence

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Using Delivery Confirmation as Compelling Evidence

Merchants need to be prepared for possible disputes with a detailed and effective prevention and response strategy. With the many different types of disputes merchants can experience, this isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Some strategies, however, are relatively easy to implement. Delivery confirmation is one of them. A common type of dispute merchants receive is when a customer claims a product was not received. That’s where delivery confirmation can be extremely helpful for merchants … Read More

It’s All About Communication (Even in Chargeback Responses)

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It's All About Communication (Even in Chargeback Responses)

Effective communication is key in any good relationship. In friendships, marriages, partnerships, coworkers, and even in the relationship between a merchant and the bank’s dispute analyst. Now, the last relationship may not seem like the others I listed. But effective communication is an absolute necessity when describing compelling evidence and transaction information in a chargeback response. In short, the way you create the response, and how you communicate the evidence, is very important. We will take … Read More

What Transaction Modifier Affects Physical Goods?

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Let me frame a scenario. A merchant is devoting an ‘X’ amount of time to gather compelling evidence. This is to disprove a consumer dispute. Let’s say it involved a MasterCard transaction, and the associated reason code is 4853 – Cardholder Dispute. You provided the basic documents to prove your innocence. But the transaction modifier emphasizes that you need to prove that the disputed good was not counterfeit. That’s really the core of this dispute. But … Read More

What Transaction Modifiers Affect Digital Goods?

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There’s always a criteria when responding to disputes. The reason code explains what compelling evidence is needed while the issuer checks if merchants properly formatted all of the documents within their  response. Any infringement could put yourself in jeopardy of receiving a chargeback. And that’s not the only requirements you should be aware of. Some reason codes will have what are called transaction modifiers. This is a crucial, underestimated element that  impacts what evidence you should … Read More

10 Tips to Prevent Disputes

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We love how contributors add context into dispute management. Chanell Alexander from TrustRadius has tips for accounting and finance teams who have trouble with fraudulent chargebacks. Enjoy! A purchase may not go as planned. You may not know if you should issue a refund or fight a chargeback. There are three types of fraud in the world of chargebacks. There’s true fraud. That’s where a fraudster uses stolen information to purchase merchandise. The actual card holder … Read More

How to Create a Chargeback Response [The Right Way]

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How to Create a Chargeback Response [The Right Way]

A customer disputed a transaction and now you have a chargeback to deal with. Do you know where to start? Between specific evidence, digging around in card network documents, or even just starting to draft a document can all seem like overwhelming tasks. This article will break down the process of creating a chargeback response and give an example of what the card networks expect in a winning chargeback response. Why Should The Response Be Great? … Read More

How to Correct Invisible Chargeback Mistakes

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Learn How To Fix Chargeback Mistakes

We all make mistakes. From a merchant’s standpoint, that could mean making mistakes with dispute management, measuring a team’s progress and providing quality to chargeback responses. What can make this matter worse is not knowing when a mistake is made. That traps us in continuously making that mistake over and over again without showing any signs of improvement. Unfortunately, we are the least reliable source in spotting our own mistakes since we tend to overestimate our … Read More

8 Tips for Crafting the Best Chargeback Response

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8 Tips for Winning Chargeback Responses

It’s no secret that in the world of chargebacks, card networks almost always side with cardholders. Merchants are left to foot the bill for costly misunderstandings, buyer’s remorse, or chargeback fraud. It may feel as though the odds are stacked against you. However rather than accept the losses from chargebacks, crafting a complete and well thought out chargeback response may mean the difference between significant loss for your company and a sizeable percentage of recovered revenue. … Read More

How To Manage Disputes, Claims, and Chargebacks in PayPal

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How to resolve disputes in PayPal

Disputes are not inevitable. You just can’t expect them to never appear in your PayPal account. We recently talked about how merchants can avoid disputes, claims and chargebacks in PayPal (merchant descriptors, shipping insurance the whole nine yards within this article). But the sad truth is at least one of these actions will fall into the cracks. And for every action, you’ll have to react accordingly and navigate through PayPal’s Resolution Center. This article will explain … Read More