Why You Should Respond to Every Dispute

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Why You Should Respond to Every Dispute

No matter the reason code, merchants should respond to every dispute. In this post, we will take a look at some telling social media posts and go over why merchants should respond to every dispute.                   Over the last couple of weeks, I have come across some posts on social media that merchants need to be aware of. These posts are meant to be funny and were shared … Read More

The Chargeback Representment Process Explained

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The chargeback representment process is the part of the dispute lifecycle when a merchant receives and responds to a customer dispute. We will go over what options merchants have after receiving a dispute, the tips for making a great response document, and some of the time limits associated with this part of the process. If you would like a full overview of the whole dispute process you can check out The Chargeback Process: Explained here. When … Read More

Merchant Credit Card Fraud Prevention: Using Card Security Codes

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Merchant Credit Card Fraud Prevention_ Using Card Security Codes

Ecommerce transactions are not as secure as in-person transactions. But in a world where not offering ecommerce options to customers is simply not acceptable, merchants have to be as careful as possible when accepting online payments. One common method of ecommerce fraud prevention that merchants can use is to require the card security code at checkout. The requirement for a security code at an ecommerce checkout is a normal practice for ecommerce merchants. There is a … Read More

2018 Round-Up of the Best Dispute Content We Created

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2018 Round-Up of the Best Dispute Content We Created

We reached out to Nasir N. Pasha (Esq.), the managing attorney of Pasha Law PC to get some expert legal advice on how to take legal action against a fraudster. In this guest Q&A, Mr. Pasha explains what legal matters merchants can take if fraud either gets out of control or if it becomes something too big for the card networks to handle. Read more about when fraudsters take things too far. If there is a … Read More

Dispute Response Tips for Analysts

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How Can A Dispute Analyst Improve In Their Job

Creating dispute response documents and understanding disputes are vital parts of the dispute analyst job. Here are all the key pieces of information merchants and analysts need to respond and analyze disputes. ***Author’s note: For a more thorough explanation on actionable documentation, please read How to Create a Chargeback Response [The Right Way]. This post explains all of the elements involved in drafting a response, and provides an example of how to draft a response for … Read More

Dispute Analyst Job Description and Role

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Dispute Analysis Job Description

Dispute analysts are a vital part of managing disputes. Making sure you find and train the right people for the job is just as vital. This post will go over what you should put in your job description and the role your dispute analyst should play in your company. Losing a customer disputes means that your company will lose hard earned revenue. The only way to reverse a dispute is to create a response with the … Read More

The Dispute Lifecycle (for Analysts)

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The Dispute Lifecycle (for Analysts)

If you are an avid reader of Our Blog, you may realize that disputes don’t exactly follow a linear path. Indeed, there are stages in the dispute lifecycle that make it seem it’s a straightforward process. But there is a lot of iteration within those stages, and not every dispute may be processed through every stage. In short, it can get overwhelming quickly if you are not familiar with all the stages in the dispute lifecycle.

Why Should I Respond To Fraud Disputes?

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Why Should I Respond to Fraud Disputes?

Fraud disputes are not always as they appear to be. We explored that in our latest Ebook, The Three Faces of Fraud. And yet, some merchants instinctively assume that a fraud dispute results in guaranteed revenue loss. We’re going to explain how that is not the case, and why merchants should always (I repeated, always) respond to fraud disputes. The most ineffective response is no response at all. Without a chargeback response, the issuing bank only … Read More

Is Disputing a Charge Getting Too Easy?

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Is Disputing a Charge Getting Too Easy_

As the world continues to make things easier and more efficient for customers, it comes with trade offs. One example of this is exchanging security for convenience during the checkout process. Merchants that have too many verification steps in their checkout process could turn away customers. On the other hand, having for too little verification information means the merchant may accept fraudulent cards or not have enough compelling evidence to make a winning chargeback response.

It’s All About Communication (Even in Chargeback Responses)

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It's All About Communication (Even in Chargeback Responses)

Effective communication is key in any good relationship. In friendships, marriages, partnerships, coworkers, and even in the relationship between a merchant and the bank’s dispute analyst. Now, the last relationship may not seem like the others I listed. But effective communication is an absolute necessity when describing compelling evidence and transaction information in a chargeback response. In short, the way you create the response, and how you communicate the evidence, is very important. We will take … Read More