Learn How to Prevent Chargebacks on Shopify

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How to Prevent Chargebacks on Shopify

You know the name. You may even play the game. Shopify has become a pervasive platform that helps a wide range of merchants to thrive in e-commerce. Over  500,000 businesses have been ‘shopified’ as of late-November, and they receive assistance in various procedures from marketing to credit card payments. Shopify … Read More

2017 Round-Up of the Best Chargeback Content We Created

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2017 Round Up

As 2017 is coming to a close we wanted to take a look back on what our blog has covered throughout this year. Below is a collection of our most popular, most helpful, best researched articles of 2017. These cream of the crop articles are split into four different sections: … Read More

What’s a Chargeback Ratio?

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what's a chargeback ratio?

For any merchant, not just high-risk merchants, knowing what a chargeback ratio is is a good thing. Knowing how to calculate it is even better. In this post, we’ll go over both what a chargeback ratio is and how you can calculate it for your own business. So, What’s a … Read More

What is Pre-Arbitration?

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A chargeback has a complex and murky process. But its afterlife can let merchants experience what is a called pre-arbitration. Or as what one can describe it, pre-arbitration is more like the ghost of second presentment. It emerges after the lifecycle of the original chargeback. And it makes another attempt … Read More

The 5 Chargeback Reason Code Categories

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5 Categories of Reason Codes

There are 151 reason codes to categorize chargebacks across Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. These reason codes can be grouped into five main categories: Fraud / No Authorization, Cancel Recurring Billing, Products / Services, Liability Shift, and Other. Specific breakdowns vary by card network and can be found in the … Read More