Learn How to Prevent Chargebacks on Shopify

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How to Prevent Chargebacks on Shopify

You know the name. You may even play the game. Shopify has become a pervasive platform that helps a wide range of merchants to thrive in e-commerce. Over  500,000 businesses have been ‘shopified’ as of late-November, and they receive assistance in various procedures from marketing to credit card payments. Shopify … Read More

2017 Round-Up of the Best Chargeback Content We Created

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2017 Round Up

As 2017 is coming to a close we wanted to take a look back on what our blog has covered throughout this year. Below is a collection of our most popular, most helpful, best researched articles of 2017. These cream of the crop articles are split into four different sections: … Read More

What’s a Chargeback Ratio?

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what's a chargeback ratio?

For any merchant, not just high-risk merchants, knowing what a chargeback ratio is is a good thing. Knowing how to calculate it is even better. In this post, we’ll go over both what a chargeback ratio is and how you can calculate it for your own business. So, What’s a … Read More

What is Pre-Arbitration?

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A chargeback has a complex and murky process. But its afterlife can let merchants experience what is a called pre-arbitration. Or as what one can describe it, pre-arbitration is more like the ghost of second presentment. It emerges after the lifecycle of the original chargeback. And it makes another attempt to … Read More

The 5 Chargeback Reason Code Categories

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5 Categories of Reason Codes

There are 151 reason codes to categorize chargebacks across Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. These reason codes can be grouped into five main categories: Fraud / No Authorization, Cancel Recurring Billing, Products / Services, Liability Shift, and Other. Specific breakdowns vary by card network and can be found in the … Read More

Visa Minimum Chargeback Amounts

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Visa Minimum Chargeback Amounts

Each card network has its own rules on the minimum amount required for a consumer to initiate a chargeback. However, the minimum cost limits tend to only apply to certain transaction types — see below. It’s important to understand Visa’s  chargeback time limits on disputed transaction as well. Under the … Read More

MasterCard Chargeback Time Limits

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Chargeback Time Limits - MasterCard

The clock is ticking, again! While Visa will soon implement new changes to their current time limits (check here before you panic!), MasterCard chargeback time limits are another policy that you should review. Cardholders, issuers, acquirers, and merchants all must comply with these time limits. And each reason code and … Read More