Introducing Dispute Hub Academy

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Introducing Dispute Hub Academy

Educating merchants on fraud, card network rules and all things disputes has always been a priority for Chargeback. Now, we have taken this education to the next level for merchants. Chargeback is proud to announce the launch of DisputeHub Academy. Our goal is for DisputeHub Academy to be the source for merchant education and certification in the world of disputes and chargebacks. Fittingly, the flagship course, Disputes and Chargebacks Certification, is designed to give a big … Read More

What is the Mastercard Dispute Resolution Initiative?

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A dispute is best resolved if it does not exist. Basically, if there is a way to prevent a dispute from being filed by issuing banks, disputes will not be a problem for merchants. Mastercard plans to prevent invalid disputes and streamline the dispute process. Here is what merchants need to know about the upcoming Mastercard Dispute Resolution Initiative: Mastercard will not implement its initiative in one full sweep. Instead, the network plans to roll out its … Read More

Chargeback App Announcement

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Chargeback App Announcement

The Chargeback App was an ambitious undertaking that took the better part of the past 24 months to realize. In 2016, following numerous meetings, late-night worrying, and early-morning sessions, we decided to kill our old technology platform and rebuild it from scratch: a grueling and monumental project. The platform we were using to manage disputes for clients had its foundation laid in 2011. Countless patches and quick fixes later, the architecture was buckling under growth and … Read More

Simplified Dispute Resolution with Chargeback for WooCommerce

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WooCommerce for Chargeback Plugin for Managing Fraud

We’re thrilled to announce our latest product release designed to simplify dispute resolution for WooCommerce store owners and users. The Chargeback for WooCommerce plugin, once combined with payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree, PayPal,, and others, identifies and aggregates the information needed to craft a winning chargeback response. By 2020, card-not-present (CNP) disputes will more than double card-present (CP) dispute volume, representing over $15 billion in losses for merchants. Individual merchants can expect to see around … Read More

David Adams: OG Product Manager to Chargeback CPO

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David Adams Chargeback CPO

The transformation of Chargeback began over a year ago with the hiring of CEO Dave Wilkes. Since then, the executive team has been carefully curated to reinforce the advances Chargeback is making within its industry. While that internal transformation began over a year ago, the Chargeback team and its investors felt as if the team was officially completed with the addition of David Adams in September 2016. David is an accomplished individual in the realm of … Read More

Acquistition Announcement: CBplan

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Chargeback Acquires CBplan

We’re thrilled to share with you the announcement of an acquisition that further expands our market presence and provision of post-transaction fraud management. We’ve acquired a large provider of issuer alert notifications to high risk merchants CBplan. This follows our strategic partnership announcement with Soar Payments, a leading payment processor for high risk merchants. The acquisition builds out our portfolio of services even further, helping merchants of all sizes and risk levels manage and alleviate dispute resolution. … Read More

Strategic Partnership Announcement: Soar Payments

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We’re thrilled to share the latest partnership news with you: Chargeback is now the exclusive provider of chargeback management and dispute resolution for Soar Payments’ merchants. The strategic partnership was announced by Soar Payments in a press release this morning and we couldn’t be more excited to help Soar Payments’ unique merchant clientele with disputes, claims, and chargebacks. Who is Soar Payments? Soar Payments is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and was voted the #1 High Risk … Read More

Camille Mauerhan: Accomplished Businesswoman, Avid Skier

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Camille Mauerhan SVP Strategic Alliances

Camille Mauerhan was the last to join Chargeback’s executive team. And although she’s only held her current job title of SVP of Strategic Alliances and responsibilities since March, she brings 20 years worth of experience and knowledge in the prepaid industry to the team. Mauerhan has gained her deep understanding for this industry by working different positions with a few different companies. Most notably she’s worked for three large credit card processors: Wells Fargo, Bank of … Read More

Scott Stone: A Relationship Creator

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Scott Stone CMO

We come in contact with numerous people throughout our lives, and one of the key aspects of ensuring you’re successful in your work life is developing good relationships with the people you know. And nobody knows that better than Scott Stone. As Chargeback’s CMO, he knows it all boils down to relationships. His focus is creating and maintaining good customer-client relationships as well as internally with his co-workers. Stone has been in sales and marketing for … Read More