No matter how well things are managed,
there is always something better.

Dispute management is no exception. That is why our team created software for Real-time Resolution and Automated Dispute Management. We understand that this is the best solution to help merchants lower their dispute ratio, improve their win rate, and save time they could have lost from chargeback responses.

Our Story

Chargeback was born in 2011 and for many years, our solution has focused on serving merchants with a high number of chargebacks. At the end of 2015, we took a long hard look at the state of commerce and decided it was time to shake things up. We set out to build software and tools that would help all merchants, large and small, high risk or not, prevent and manage chargeback fraud.

A revolution was underway and it was driven by merchants. Our clients wanted software and tools that would visualize their situation and help them make informed decisions. They wanted their entire commerce stack integrated with automation, business rules, workflows and a dashboard that captured it all in one place.

We’re now connected to all major ecommerce platforms and payment providers and work some of the world’s largest brands including Levi Strauss, Michael Kors, Carter’s, Nikon and Tommy Hilfiger.

chargeback app demo appWe’re an industry leader in chargeback monitoring, responses and alerts. We offer free monitoring and reporting for all merchants, which allows us to provide immediate value to any and all merchants. While we love technology and use all the latest gadgets we can get our hands on, we’re a company helping people with technology, but most importantly with people. We add a human touch to our services because we have real people working each chargeback.

Our processes differentiate us, but it’s where our main focus lies that we believe really sets us apart—on customer satisfaction and solving problems our customers face. Our company goal is to help merchants, whether that means they use our software and services or we provide them with the information they need to know to make them more aware and educated about chargebacks—and we love what we do.

We have fun; and get –it done.

Our Team

Join us and help build the next generation of dispute management.

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